36DDD Boobs Dolly


Stats: 42-32-42

Bra: 36DDD

Height: 5′ 5″

Location: Massachusetts

Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

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This is the kind of girl you look for when you want to call a call girl. She just says sex appeal. You could never really get a girl like this to date you. So why not pay for it. The only problem is do you think you could last more than 5 minutes. But don’t feel bad your in good company because we would probably end up blowing our load before we even got her panties off. Just one look at those big boobs.

Mandy Pearl

Mandy Pearl is 5’3 and from England like so many great big tit models. Her Stats: 42-29-36. She is the ultimate big tit raven haired vixen. I think this is a great example of what 36DDD boobs look like on an all natural vixen. If you don’t like this picture than 36DDD is the wrong bra size for your gf. We have not seen her around for a while so she is probably another one of the great busty babes from scoreland who have long sense retired. But when you want to see true 36DDD boobs you know to come to this blog for the real deal.

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36 DDD Boobs Bre

Meet Bre the Voluptuous Rubenesque babe with all natural 36DDD. I hate when a model doesn’t have a first and last name. But I have only seen her in scoreland. So if you want to see more of her thats the place to go. This picture is dated 2003 its funny how time flies. I remember when she was new. I guess she has long sense retired. There might not be a lot of video of her doing porn but there are very few girls with natural boobs this great that really do make up the girl nextdoor and have no problems making a porn video. Kind of a true first timer just not the home video you normally see because she worked with Scoreland.

Brandy Talore

Brandy Talore

Stats: 40-28-36

Bra: 36DDD

Height: 5’2″

Weight: 130 lbs.

Location: Ohio

Brandy Talore has been modeling for a decade now. I remember when she was the latest discovery. Fresh DDD boobies all natural and still a teen. Now she is a MILF but her boobs look every bit as good as they did back then maybe even better as I think they are a little larger. From busty amateur discovery to pornstar milf. Fact is her best stuff is inside scoreland. The original stuff from her busty amateurs day is pretty much long gone at this point. Scoreland has some early Brandy so check it out.

Sharday 36DDD

Sharday is my all time favorite 36DDD model. For some reason when I think 36DDD I think about this Puerto Rican vixen who was once model of the year. To me she always had the most perfect pair of boobs I ever laid eyes on. I remember even thinking I wish my girlfriend looked just like her. Maybe I should move to Texas and try to find her. Silliness I guess I was bordering on the edge of obsession. I wish she was still modeling. But thankfully Scoreland has plenty of her.

Shione Cooper

Shione Cooper is my favorite new model with big natural tits. I have seen her listed in a few various bra sizes but I think she is around 36DDD. Thankfully she has appeared on most of the best big tit sites. Scoreland lists her as 34DDD but more often I see her clock in at 36DDD. Only she knows what size bra she should really be wearing. Either way I am including her on this 36DDD boob blog. She is from Prague.

Daylene Rio

Daylene Rio

Stats: 42-26-38

Bra: 36DDD

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 125 lbs.

Location: California

My problem with Daylene Rio is that when ever I see her I just cant take my eyes off her amazing body. I think if I was creating the perfect busty babe her body would look like Daylene Rio. Usually I go for more amazonian but her triple DDD boobs make a strong argument for her being an amazon.

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Daizie Kellogg

Another of the great busty amateurs Daizie Kellogg. That site was one of the best before the owner found Jesus and suddenly turned it off. Thankfully there is Scoreland who have one of the largest archives of great big tit models in the world. They list Daizie Kellogg at 36F but that translates into 36DDD. you see DD is E cup and DDD is fcup. Thanks to Scoreland for teaching me that.